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Note maximum sizes apply

I can make curtains to fit tracks/poles up to about 2.8 metres

(or 2 widths in each curtain) x 2.5 metres drop.

I just don't have room to make anything larger, sorry.

See measuring guide in 1st picture below.





Making up cost for lined curtains


Hand sewn hems and sides and pencil pleat tape heading

£50 per width or half width of fabric


Machined sides and hems and pencil pleat tape heading

£40 per width or half width



Extra costs


Eyelets add £15 per metre

Interlining add £10 per width

Cotton lining, off white - £4.75 per metre

Blackout lining, ivory - £5 per metre

7.5 cms pencil pleat tape - £2 per metre

Tie backs - from £18 per pair

Alterations (clean curtains welcome) - price on request



Amount of Fabric Required


The width varies according to the heading style, usually about

1.5 - 2 x the track length for pencil pleat tape or eyelets.


The cut length needed is the drop + 25 cms

If the fabric has a pattern that needs matching I need to know the length of the pattern repeat.

Shop assistants do not always correctly work out the amount you really need, so call me first.



A Word About Fabric


Please choose your fabric carefully as this will affect the hang and look of your curtains.

As a rule try not to use anything with any stretch in the weave, however slight.

Firm woven cottons and linens are best.


If in doubt, send me a sample or direct me to the fabric website link.