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Big and cosy on a large sofa, decorative on a bed, comfy for your back on a chair,

scattered around to add accent colour, we really can't help ourselves can we?

Why not give one as a unique present?

I can make up scatter or box cushion covers to any size with or without piping,

 and post them direct to you.

Made from your own fabric, just send or bring it round.



How to Work out Fabric Required


To the size of the cover add 3 cms for seams.

So - for a 43cms cover you will need about 46cms fabric.

On average it takes about 50cms per cover including piping fabric.

Allowance may be needed for pattern matching

Then choose your fabric and decide if you would like self piping or contrast piping or no piping at all.

If there is not enough to make both sides the same, I can make the back in a contrast plain



Making Prices


Piped and zipped - £18.00 + fabric

Zipped without piping - £12.00 + fabric

Fabric for contrast back - £3.00


Standard cover sizes 

19inch square, 17inch square, 15inch square,

17x13inch rectangle.

To fit pads about 1" larger


Feather Pads from £5.50 


            (for larger sizes, bolsters or box cushions contact me for quote)