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I have been making roman blinds for about 25 years.

It is a good way of brightening up a room without spending a fortune on fabric

Supply your own fabric or old curtains for remaking

(clean, with old lining and headings removed please)



 A Word about Fabric


The best fabric for blinds is a medium weight cotton/linen/poly curtain fabric.

Nothing too thick or heavy or velvety or with any stretch in the weave.

And no thin or slippy slidey silks please.

It needs to keep it's shape when cut.

I cannot guarantee a perfect finish if the fabric is not suitable.



If in doubt about any of this, please phone me.



How to work out Fabric Required


Maximum width/drop - 1.8 metres

Maximum overall size 2.20 square metres


Add 10cms to the width and 20cms to the length of the finished blind size.

So - If the blind measures 117cms wide x 163cms long

You will need a piece of fabric which measures approx.

127cms wide x 183cms long



Making-up Prices


Cost includes lining, wood battens and dowelling, screw eyes, velcro, cord, rings, breakaway safety clips, cleat hook and a wooden acorn.

Blinds will be made up ready corded and attached to a fabric covered 2x2cms wooden batten

ready for drilling and fitting to your wall or frame (screws not supplied)


Price per square metre - £75.00 (minimum price per blind £70)

So - For the above blind you would multiply width x length in metres

(1.17 x 1.63) = 1.90 square metres x £75

Which makes the cost to you £143.00 (+ your fabric)





Sewing contrast edging - £8 per running metre

Blackout lining - add £1 per square metre

Interlining - add £12 per square metre